Francesca celebrates her 10th birthday at Amazonia Churrascaria

Anchie Jansen and Harry Koeman celebrated the 10th birthday of their only daughter at Amazonia Churrascaria over abundant and delicious food, surrounded by family members and friends. The cute Francesca enjoyed her party, posing for pictures with favorite aunts and uncles and older cousins. She loved being showered with gifts, in the balloon and confetti decorated room with giant celebration cakes for dessert.

Amazonia Churrascaria carvers and servers took good care of their guests, even teaching the girls the art of carving perfectly grilled meats on a skewer, table side. Pictured here unforgettable party moments.  Koeman who owns a number of restaurants in the Palm Beach area picked Amazonia Churrascaria for his daughter’s birthday celebration because of the variety and diversity of its food with something delicious for everyone, from small to big eaters, from meat lovers to vegetarians!