First Choice and Thomson Charter make a generous donation

First Choice and Thomson Charter, a travel organization from the UK, made a generous donation to Sonrisa, a local not-for-profit foundation.

Sonrisa is an association of parents, family members and friends of people with mental limitations, and it works on behalf of those afflicted, lobbying from more financial resources, mental support and social acceptance.

First Choice and Thomson Charter raised the money for the donation selling a De Palm Tours sunset cruise to their passengers, earmarking all proceeds to the charity. In addition to that, the representatives of First Choice and Thomson Charter got on board and organized fun games providing additional entertainment while cruising, soliciting extra donations from raffles and prizes.

The fund-raising drive has become a tradition, a successful collaboration between the UK-based firm and its Aruba-based ground handler, De Palm Tours.

First Choice and Thompson Charter flies over six million customers each year to over 80 destinations worldwide from 26 UK airports, and giving back to their host community is a core value of the company enhancing and cementing the relationship between the firm and the destination. First Choice and Thompson Charter book and fly 12,000 passengers to Aruba each summer.