Featuring Celebrity Chef Nelson Mendez, The Westin Aruba Resort Hosts Wine Connoisseurs, Food Enthusiasts and Art Aficionados during the Sixth Annual Wine, Food and Art Festival

The exciting upcoming three day festival program includes art exhibitions, wine tastings and a gala event, titled Capturing the Champagne Sparkle, on Saturday, June 5, from 7:00 p.m. to midnight starring Celebrity Chef Nelson Mendez.

The evening offers an exquisite five-course menu created by the Venezuelan-born chef, which will be paired with Moët & Chandon and Dom Pérignon champagnes.

Tickets are available at The Westin Aruba Resort concierge desk during the Wine, Food & Art Festival week for $140 per person.

Capturing the Champagne Sparkle will be followed by the Sleepwalker Concert featuring famed local guitarist Ernesto Ferro with legendary American composer, guitarist Johnny Farina, with Durban Laverde, former Led Zeppelin guitar player on bass and Aruba’s very own Hildward Croes on keyboard, with Jeremy Bonarriba on percussion. General admission tickets are sold at the door, $35 per person.

The Aruba Trading Company has been the proud sponsor of this culinary extravaganza for the past six years. Nicole Martina reports that the elegant evening will take off with a welcome flute, M&C imperial, better known as Mini Moet, and continue with Moet Imperial, Nectar Imperial, Rose Imperial and Dom Perignon with dessert.

Since 1743, Moet & Chandon has been the world’s best known champagne-maker and a symbol of pleasure and celebration. The quality of the bubbly reflects the richness and diversity of Champagne, the fabulous French district where Moet & Chandon holds the largest Premier and Grand Cru vineyards.

About Chef Mendez

Chef Mendez is in charge of the kitchen at the Biarritz Bistro, in the centre of Caracas, at Centro Comercial Paseo Las Mercedes, a trendy, sophisticated restaurant that would not look out of place in London or New York. Venezuelan-born, he is proud of his indigenous roots, and is best known for the Amazonian twist of his menus.

The chef is a graduate of the Hospitality and Tourism, Isaac Newton Institute, and enjoyed working at the famed Hotel Tamanaco, and the Ritz Hotel. He furthered his culinary career at the Caracas Hilton Hotel, and later became Instructor Professor at the local culinary institute.

The chef is credited with the evolution of Venezuelan cuisine pairing local and regional favorites with cutting-edge techniques. He regularly participates in TV programs, from London to Argentina. He is a lifetime ambassador of the Amazonian kitchen, an honor bestowed by the important Chaine des Rotisseurs, a global gastronomic association.

Ramiro Raphael, Director of Catering & Meeting Services, at The Westin Aruba Resort, reports that Mendez is a very different kind of chef, famous for his gastronomic fusion adventures, but his menu for June 5th is going to be very delicious and sure to please even the most-discerning food-lover.