Evelyne Boekhoudt Completes Five Years of Service at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – Front-desk Supervisor Kenjah Howell and Human Resources Manager Mary Werleman, had the distinct pleasure of inviting Evelyne Boukhoudt for lunch at Sweet Peppers restaurant, Caribbean Palm Village Resort, on the occasion of Evelyne’s fifth anniversary on the job.
Employed as a front desk agent, Evelyne says she likes the laid-back pace and the peaceful, casual atmosphere at the resort where guests are familiar with staff members and staff members recognize guests by name, having had the pleasure of checking them in and out multiple times over the past years.
Having worked at a more hectic front desk, at another hotel, Evelyn is grateful for the support and camaraderie she finds among her colleagues and enjoys coming to work. On her off days, she banters she works harder, keeping up with her two daughters and their two kids, her adorable two granddaughters.
Pictured here Kenjah and Evelyn, as Evelyn is presented with the customary envelope, after lunch.
Management wished Evelyn many more satisfying years at the Caribbean Palm Village Resort, front Desk.