Eric Wente Visits EPI for a Wine Tasting with Culinary Students

Oranjestad — Arion Wine Company, a local fine wine purveyor, organizes an annual exciting golf tournament here hosted by wine legend Eric Wente, of Wente Vineyards, California.

Wente loves hosting the golf tournament designed to raise funds for an island charity, while also promoting his already world famous brand.

One of Wente’s favorite activities while on the island is an educational opportunity, his annual encounter with EPI students, which takes place at school. As America’s first family of wine, the Wente’s contributions to the wine industry in California are many, and Eric who directs the company’s diverse operation likes to share his knowledge and his vast experience with the younger generation, at the Aruba Vocational School.

On Thursday Wente conducted a tasting of five distinctive wines from his collection while talking about the passion and the science of wine making. He educated his young audience about wine making and also threw in tips on food pairing, restaurant etiquette, sales techniques and the selection of glassware.

Arion Wine Company prepared a number of delicious cheeses and fresh fruit, which were served at school while students and their wine mentor reviewed and sampled Chardonnay, Morning Fog, Livermore Valley, California, 2014; Sauvignon Blanc, Livermore Valley, California, 2013; Riesling Riverbank, Arroyo Seco, Monterey, California, 2013; Pinot Noir River Ranch, Arroyo Seco, Monterey, California, 2012 and Cabernet Sauvignon, Livermore Valley, California, 2013.

Pictured here, a memorable hour at school as Eric Wente conducts and wine tasting and wood pairing.