Enchanted Aruba Opening Soon at Paseo Herencia

The showroom at Paseo Herencia is becoming home to a brand new spectacle named Enchanted Aruba, created by dynamic Las Vegas producers Jorge di Paola and Johnny Stuart.

Enchanted Aruba is their first Kaleidoscope of acts composed of local and international talent, weaved together to include singers, specialty acts, acrobats, artists and musicians, and set to professional lighting and sound.

Jorge, known in Las Vegas as Mr. Entertainment is no stranger to Aruba. He lived here as an entertainer and producer in the 80s having arrived in 1984 as the star of Breakdance Fever with an entertaining Gaucho act.

He soon fell in love with Aruba and ended up producing the successful Vegas Latino show at the Holiday Inn, and later at the Roseland Ballroom, Alhambra Bazaar.

During his years in Aruba he was also engaged by the Aruba Palm Beach Hotel, and the Golden Tulip Hotel where his Los Latin Cowboys Live were long running stage successes.

His last two productions here, at the Holiday Inn, included a smash hit, The Girls from Ipanema, in which he discovered the now famous Venezuelan singer, Maria Rivas in 1989. In 1992, at the end of Dancing in The Moonlight, Jorge returned to Las Vegas to live and work coming back to the island once, for a special event at the Americana Hotel, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the El Gaucho Restaurant which was celebrated in grand style, fifteen years ago.

While working in Las Vegas on as many as 15 different mega-productions, his signature act Los Latin Cowboys continued to win awards and gain popularity. It was incorporated for 6 years in the famous Splash show, at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, and was invited to many TV shows, in the US, Colombia and Mexico. Jorge himself has been a regular participant in the Latino Laugh Festival in San Antonio, Texas, for Showtime Television, and also starred in Comedy Compadres and Funny is Funny, for Fox TV. Improv live from Hollywood, aired his performance, more than once, but Aruba was tugging on his heart strings, from long distance, encouraging him to return.

Visiting the island last year, Jorge brought a major show producer from Las Vegas, Johnny Stuart, with him. Johnny is the creator of the longest running Legends in Concert show, at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, which marks its 30th anniversary this September.  The most creative and experienced Johnny, has created shows too numerous to mention, as listed on his interesting website: www.johnstuartproductions.com

Upon arrival here, Jorge & Johnny were struck by the talent they found and decided right there and then to audition local artists, for the Enchanted Aruba show, designed as a spectacle for all ages.

Following the audition, they incorporated the dancers of Ritmo Cubano into the show, taking audiences on an evolutionary journey through the Americas using acrobats and dancers, featuring a beautiful Portuguese female singer by the name of Paola. Angela Flore, the first violinist of the Maracaibo Philharmonic Orquestra, is also part of the show. Angela is featured as an exciting violin solo, she also accompanies a riveting silk adagio act with Yamila and Rafael, who dance an original piece by local Maestro, music composer Pepe Gonzalez, titled Under the Influence, a tango combining lovely choreography and acrobatics, which with Angela’s virtuoso performance, promises to leave audiences spellbound.

In the tango section of the show, Paola also sing a wonderful tango called, Garganta con Arena and Jorge Di Paola, dances a well known Tanguera, with his gorgeous daughter. When Jorge last performed in Aruba, he did the tango with his mom, who unfortunately passed away last December; however, her spirit lives on, with her son and granddaughter, as they pay tribute to her in their tango act.

In the show, the local Ritmo Cubano Dancers, perform an exquisite Spanish number, where they feature Hayley Kent, directly from Las Vegas, Hayley is a famous contortionist who worked for the Cirque du Soleil.

Los Latin Cowboys Live, is returning to the stage, stronger than ever, mixing great humor, audience participation and compelling rhythms. It is an explosive act, which keeps audiences on the edge of their seats for 16 minutes.

The Gauchos act is followed by a production number of all cast members for a final extravaganza, Oye Mi Cuerpo Pide Salsa, in a memorable arrangement by Enrique Corro, from Las Vegas. Live singing, dancing acrobatics and more, wraps up this one hour show, leaving the audience wanting more.

Audience participation goes beyond the duration of the show, Jorge reveals, as show-goers will be asked to post their show videos on YouTube, and the monthly winner of the best clip, measured by its popularity on the net, will have a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas or a cruise and other exciting prizes.

The opening of the show will coincide with the Aruba’s International Film Festival, in the week between the 15th and the 20th of June, adding an extra show-biz attraction to the already glittering festival.

Pictured here, some mesmerizing rehearsal snapshots.