Elmar Celebrates Christmas Under Twinkling Stars

Palm Beach — The annual, much anticipated Elmar employee Christmas party,
unfolded this year al fresco, at the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort’s Pure
Ocean Restaurant.

The elegant crowd arrived at the beautifully illuminated beachside party
location and enjoyed an evening of exceptional food and sensational music
with Tico Kock and his steel band at the beginning of the evening. After
delicious dinner Ofo Escudero’s N’Fuzion took over the band stand enticing
party-goers to dance under the stars with the moonlit ocean as their
witness. Just before midnight, a hearty Seafood Chowder was served,
inspiring the dancers to get back onto the dance floor with renewed energy
and gusto.

As a gesture of solidarity with its clients, Aruba’s electricity consumers,
Elmar decided to go green in 2014, and forego air-conditioning and expensive
light effects in favor of the environmentally friendly, but equally
impressive, open air party with LED lighting in different color tones. The
party setting and beach were aglow with energy saving lights demonstrating
Elmar’s commitment to energy efficiency.

Inge van Roon Director of Banquet and Event Sales, Divi Resorts, was handed
the challenge to create a great party, with reduced energy costs, and
together with her team, she made it happen, delivering a memorable event
with a much-reduced carbon footprint. In collaboration with Robert Lee,
Marrit Fleur and many other friendly Divi faces, they helped Elmar, the
island’s energy provider, set a new trend in year-end party celebrations.