El Gaucho staff members reflect on the subject of excellent service

While in reality, they could have written the handbook on Gracious and Efficient Service, staff members at El Gaucho take their nightly interaction with guests seriously, and spend time reflecting on the meaning of hospitality and on the optimal way to serve their many clients, at the onset of the restaurant’s thirty-fourth year in business.

Having celebrated El Gaucho’s thirty-third birthday last week, ownership decided to ask Ricardo Croes, a well-known hospitality expert to join the discussion with the hard working crew, help polish their skills even further and identify ways and means to outdo their already excellent level of performance.

Pictured here staff member and owner Omira Botta, spending some quality time together in an open and productive session, sharing insights and tips, raising the bar on hospitality for the restaurant and for the island in general.

At the end of the session, Croes awarded attendees a certificate and a heartfelt pat on the back for a job well done.