El Gaucho Restaurant: Serving the best and biggest steaks from Argentina, since 1977!

gaucho biewPatrons coming for dinner at El Gaucho restaurant tonight will be treated to a glass of Sangria, on the house, in celebration of the legendary restaurant thirty-third anniversary.

Old pictures tell the story of a family owned grill house which opened on quaint Wilhelminastraat on February 17th, 1977, in the heart of town, a small unpretentious eatery dedicated to quality Argentinean steaks.

Over the years the restaurant evolved, upgraded and expanded and all along developed a die-hard following among locals and visitors.

The secret to the El Gaucho success story? There is no secret, just good management and dedicated staff members tirelessly, and consistently catering to over three generations of beef lovers.

Today, at the original location, the restaurant prepares a variety of tempting dishes, charcoal-grilled, juicy and tender steaks such as the famous Gaucho steak, the 16 oz sirloin, or the Pincho Torro Caliente, the world’s largest shishkebab, the T-bone steak, the veal chop and much more.

Any day of the week, while you savor your perfectly grilled Churrasco, the strolling guitarist duo, Carlos and Baltazar, entertain with romantic tangos and boleros.

So drop in tonight or any night, the tradition lives on in the rustic dining room, as the friendly El Gaucho staff members pamper and entertain you…and the kids can quietly play in the Kids Room, with arcade games and Disney videos, crayons and Lego while parents enjoy a quiet and relaxing, unforgettable dinner.

Happy Birthday El Gaucho.