Ed & Maureen Lewi are Ambassadors of Goodwill

Ed & Maureen Lewi were named Ambassadors of Goodwill on Ed’s birthday, December 29, 2008. The honor was personally bestowed by Aruba’s Minister of Tourism & Transportation Ing. Edison Briesen which made the ceremony, at Divi’s Windows on Aruba very special.

Ed and Maureen, from upstate New York, Saratoga Springs, were involved with the promotion of Aruba for many years. Ed, founder of Ed Lewi Associates in Clifton Park NY served as member of the board of directors for Divi Resorts and consulted on A&P projects at Alhambra Casino introducing the island to American holiday celebrations, and fireworks among many other exciting and innovative marketing and promotional strategies. Under his dedicated guidance Aruba’s tourist product grew and prospered in the 70s through the early 90s, nurturing a great relationship with the community and with the Divi Resorts family.

Ed and Maureen later moved to Naples Florida where they spend their summers yet Aruba and its people still hold a very dear place in their hearts.

Last week on Ed’s birthday, the couple and a number of their friends stopped over, while on a Caribbean cruise. They enjoyed an island tour on board the Kukoo Kunuku, lunch at the Faro Blanco restaurant and mostly a cherished a reunion with their Divi friends.

In the early evening, just before heading back to the ship they hosted an elegant cocktail party at Windows on Aruba where they were surprised with the Goodwill Ambassador certificate delivered by the island’s Minister of Tourism & Transportations.

Pictured here Ed’s magical day on Aruba reconnecting with former colleagues and receiving the ultimate honor for being an excellent friend of the island.