Easter Connected Eggin Delivers Much Fun

Easter Connected Eggin at PriceWabbithouseCoopers offered a traditional egg hunt within the office complex and a creative egg design competition.

More than 200 eggs were hidden at the company’s headquarters in the heart of town, by the tireless members of the social committee, including coveted, prize-bearing Golden and Silver eggs.

The best part of the afternoon revealed an eggciting design competition featuring the office wanna-be artists who created very clever installations, representing the company’s core-values of connected thinking, positive attitude, the idea that clients are as diverse as their needs, and that their individual requirements dictate the ever-changing business strategies conceived with passion and dedication at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

While judged anonymously, Rachel Maduro’s Navigating Changing Times, won most accolades as first prize winner of the weekend stay at the Holiday Inn Sunspree, while Ronnie Brokelman’s Golden Egg, won him a Blackberry Smartphone.

Inoira Maduro who tracked down the silver egg received dinner for two, while Emely Maduro was the office’s best egg hunter, third year in a row and the proud recipient of a gift certificate.

Pictured here, in pursuit of eggstraordinary fun, the office staff at PriceWabbithouseCoopers.