DUFRY pampers the residents of Marie Stella

A group of DUFRY associates from the airport stores and from the company headquarters in Oranjestad arrived at Marie Stella in Savaneta on Thursday for a pampering session designed to delight the elderly residents of the home.

The visitors came equipped to perform hand massages, face toning and make up, and followed the beauty treatments with gifts of fragrance, while Trio Caribe, Edwin Tromp, Herman Hennep and Eddy Clement entertained.

Milly Lacle reports that the morning was dedicated to the elderly on behalf of DUFRY and on behalf of DUFRY’s many clients. “We wanted to give back to the community on the occasion of Mother’s Day,” she said,” and what better way, than to remember grandmothers and grandfather, and bring some TLC, tender-loving-care, into their lives.”

The delicious fruit cake — made by Jose Lacle with Splenda, diet Jell-O and fresh fruit – was enjoyed over the classic repertory of love songs, and traditional Mother’s Day songs, by three legendary island troubadours, who even serenaded the home director on her birthday.

DUFRY’s General Manager Emiliano Matteo, and the DUFRY crew with international make-up artist Raphael Batista, enjoyed the visit as much as the residents, pictured here a snapshot of the experience.