Dr Robert Ray Visits Aruba as Guest of Okeanos Spa

Empowering women to spread their wings and fulfill their promise, Dr Robert Ray conducted a lifestyle seminar on the island, as part of the first annual Women’s Expo Show this past weekend.

As a guest of the Renaissance Marina Hotel, Dr Ray enjoyed the penthouse accommodations rating his room and hotel amenities as best in the Caribbean.

Over a casual conversation with the resort’s marketing and sales team, Rebecca Verschoor and Zugheila Lindeborg, he expressed his gratitude for his fantastic hotel stay, and only had warm words of praise for the gym facility and the Okeanos spa services.

While on the island Dr Ray conducted a TV interview with NTN 24, Flash Fashion hosted by Santiago Giraldo, from Columbia. He sat down with Flash Fashion at Okeanos Spa, Renaissance Aruba Resort, and shared openly and honestly of his experience, advocating inner beauty, over outer beauty.

In his exuberant and informative comments Dr Ray recommended a healthy life-style, following the Paleo Diet developed by Dr Cordain, which is the natural human diet of our Stone Age ancestors, made up of numerous small meals of mostly fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Dr Ray advocated exercise, fresh water, and natural food supplements as means of combating aging and disease, before any attempt at plastic surgery.

Banning salt, sugar, white flour, alcohol, and any hormones, the good doctor went on to recommend spirituality, and steady family relationships mixed in with fun.

On a personal level he shared that after 10 years of turning his life into a Reality TV Show, he now produces a number of mega-shows per year, turning the 24-hour TV cameras around his home off. The large shows allow him to travel, and reach out to an even bigger global audience, besides affording him some privacy at home.

He recently visited Israel, with his camera crew, operating at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, reconstructing cranial and facial injuries, operating on some bad cancers, and in general enjoying the beauty of the people, the beaches, the Dead Sea and the cosmopolitan feel of the Holy Land. As a devout Mormon he also enjoyed his encounter with biblical references, and following in the footsteps of Jesus to the Lake of Galilee, Bethlehem and Nazareth.

He nicknamed himself Dr Robin Hood, hinting at the fact that proceeds from his international lingerie and cosmetic lines go towards free operations, to victims of violence and war around the world.

Throughout his interview, Dr Ray cited Self Love as the most powerful tool in the female arsenal, calling our era The Age of Women, replete with Endless Possibilities.

Pictured here Dr Ray at Okeanos Spa.