Donation for the Edmund Harms Foundation

Donation to Edmond HarmsIn November of 2007, T.H. Palm & Company, one of the most popular and colorful stores on Palm Beach, made a decision to earmark a portion of its sales’ revenue to six local not-for-profit foundations, helping them via regular monetary donations, and giving back to the community, in the words of the ancient Kabala, making Tikkun Olam, helping in the repair of the world.

Shoppers at T.H. Palm & Company were asked to pick their favorite charity from a list of excellent local projects and Edmund E. Harms Foundation was among the top six.

Beginning with the first of November 2007, T.H. Palm & Company started holding back a portion of its income and this week, the second seasonal donation was handed over to a representative of the Edmund E. Harms Foundation, Sonia Jacobs, who received a check from Salamander Holdings NV associates Candice Pompier, Shary Celaire & Nilo Arcilla.

On August 16, 1996, Edmund E. Harms passed away from cancer. He spent his final days at home among family members and friends. Not even 30 days after his passing the Edmund E. Harms foundation was established in Edmunds’ memory with his parents donating the initial capital for the fund. The mission of the foundation is to facilitate the wish of cancer patients to spend their final days in a loving, supportive environment. Most patients who receive services from the foundation are sadly under the age of 40 and are suffering from an incurable cancerous disease. Having received an indication from their medical specialist, that they are entering the last phase of their illness, they petition the foundation, which then makes it possible for them to spend their last days at home and pass away in their own beds. The Edmund E. Harms Foundation offers the infrastructure allowing them to spend the last phase of their lives in as comfortable as possible environment, at home among caring family members and friends. The assistance that the foundation offers consists of oxygen supply, anesthetics, wheelchairs, walkers, special hospital beds, part-time nursing and possibly extended to full-time nursing.

You can help make a difference too, just by shopping at T.H. Palm & Company. Two Percent (2%) of that sale is designated to one of six foundations. You choose which foundation you would like your sale to go to. It’s that easy!

If you would like more information about Edmund E. Harms Foundation you may call Dr. R.J. Tjon Sie Fat at 587 1277. You may also contact T.H. Palm & Company at 586 8909 or email T.H. Palm & Company is located street side at the Playa Linda Beach Resort and open daily from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. Open Fridays until 11 p.m.