Divi Resort Aruba Sales & Marketing Teams train for excellence

DSC08732Both Divi Resort Aruba Sales & Marketing Teams enjoyed two intense days of training with the Levitin Group, sharing their passion for the hospitality industry and brushing up on their product knowledge and sales skills.

The training took place at the Divi Phoenix and was also attended by Rossi Wauben, Divi Golf, and Christy Garrido, Divi Phoenix who are the executives at the helm of both sales organizations.

The Levitin Group brought Kent Kozimor, Director of Communications, Carlo Ramos, VP of International Sales, conductor Joe McGriff and RCI’s Account Executive Cherie Jeffreys to the island, to share from their vast experience with the Divi Aruba teams.

The custom designed training program they delivered consisted of productive, high-energy sessions, interactive and experiential exercises, role plays, case studies, games and contests, student workbooks, DVD video clips, PowerPoint presentation and handouts.

Pictured here the Divi Resort Sales & Marketing Teams empowered with new skills, fresh ideas and winning strategies, which they employed the following day, in the field, with great results.