Divi Donates Five Electric Cars to EPB HATO

Oranjestad — Divi Resorts donated five Electric Cars to EPB Hato for the use of the “Auto Monteur” Unit of the vocational high-school, on July 2, 2014.
Alex Nieuwmeyer, Managing Director, Grape Holding N.V. and Divi Resorts, handed the five electric cars over to the school so that students may use them to help increase their knowledge of electric car systems, making this a special project for the vocational high school senior class.
Nieuwmeyer together with Divi’s Executive Team including Patrick Franssen, Gerrit Griffith and Maria Geerman-Esguerra were all in attendance for the educational occasion. Nieuwmeyer explained that the cars whose use is included with the price of purchase of a Divi Residence condominium, were first generation electric cars. They were recently replaced by the latest generation electric cars, and while condo owners will be using their new vehicles, the obsolete ones were donated to the school.
Nieuwmeyer also expressed a wish to see more environmental efforts made to transition the use of fossil fuels to alternative energy. He told the students on hand that the used cars, in need of some TLC and maintenance, are perfectly suited to teach them about environmentally friendly mechanics.
The school’s teachers Reginald Ramu, leading the Auto Monteur Unit, and Mari Flor Nicolaas, Unit Manager, represented EPB Hato together with students, who were more than happy to receive the donation from Divi and said that they would make excellent use of the gift.
The Automobile Repair and Maintenance school , says teacher Ramu, already has some car projects lined up for the coming year, and the new project will expand student’s knowledge, and they are excited to get started with this for the new school year.