Dia Di Himno & Bandera at Laguna

Aruba’s National Day celebrated at the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa

Palm Beach – Executive chef Matt Boland prepared a veritable feast of local specialties in honor of Aruba’s national day, Dia Di Himno & Bandera, Anthem & Flag Day, last week.

Boland included many favorites on the Salad Bar, and offered a traditional Beef Soup which was chased by Keshi Yena, a much-loved stuffed cheese with chicken and raisins main course, Fish Creole, Stewed Spare Ribs with Cabbage and Stewed Meat with Cucumber. For dessert he featured Bolo di Pistachio y Pruin, Pistachio & Prune Cake, Pan Bollo, Bread Pudding, Quesillo, Flan, Cocada and Drigidek two local popular cookies, over the music of an organ grinder, the famed tingiling box.