Deloitte hosts an informative tax seminar

Deloitte SeminarTrue to its commitment to the local economy and the Aruban business community Deloitte occasionally hosts informative seminars at no charge to its clients, also extending an open invitation to public employees and private sector entities.

In a recent seminar held at the Renaissance Conference Center the new upcoming Transfer Pricing was discussed in conjunction with Deloitte Rotterdam.

Michael Leo van Romondt welcomed seminar-goers to the Renaissance Conference Center on behalf of Deloitte Aruba and briefly discussed the new legislation of Chain Liability which will be mandated here at the beginning of 2009. He also introduced the main-event, Dutch tax consultant and speaker Bert van der Klok.

V/D Klok’s presentation focused on the introduction of Transfer Pricing and after a short break concluded with Transfer Pricing in practice.

At the end of the learning session a congenial cocktail party allowed over 100 members of the local business community to network with Deloitte audit & tax consultants and financial advisors Robert Tromp, Ruben Giel, Luzina de Greef, Michael Leo van Romondt, Kartini del Prado and Nicole Rojer.

Transfer prices, explained V/D Klok are the prices at which an enterprise transfers physical goods and intangible property or provides services or financing to associated enterprises and the requirements of transfer pricing documentation are many, making it pivotal for all companies to be well prepared and properly set up in advance as transfer prices may have a significant impact on the taxable bases in the business’ respective jurisdiction.

Pictured here the seminar and the social networking session which followed.