Deborah St. Laurent Bids Calloway Corporation Farewell

Oranjestad — Calloway Corporation, providing quality airline catering service at Reina Beatrix Airport in Aruba was successfully managed by Deborah St Laurent for the past 33 years.
The company was recently taken over by the Goddard Catering Group and the decision to retire from that business prompted both the Cohen Group, the original owners, and the Goddard Catering Good, the new owners, to give the dynamic outgoing director, better known as Debi, an elegant cocktail party at the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, in the beach Pavilion.
Among well-wishers attending the party, Aruba’s Prime Minister and the first lady, Mike & Doina Eman, the Minister of Justice, Arthur Dowers, and his wife and the Minister of Social Affairs, Youth and Labor, Paul Croes and his wife, in addition to many past and present Calloway Catering employees, airline and airport personnel, Debi’s friends from the local community and members of management of the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, as well as representatives of the Cohen group.
“There was no internet 33 year ago, when Ike and Greta Cohen offered me a job in Aruba,” Debi recalls. She fondly adds that she had to go to her hometown library to find out where Aruba was but nevertheless she said yes right away, and never looked back. “For that opportunity, which I was given,” says states, “I will eternally be grateful.”
In her short address to her guests Debi attributed all of the company’s successes to her past and present staffers, the dedicated employees who made running Calloway Catering much easier, than saying goodbye to it.
The company, she informed, will from now on be managed by the very-capable Vincent Bell, who was the executive assistant for many years.
As a token of appreciation, Debi received an engraved plaque with a charming personal note thanking her for her creativity, hard work and loyalty, and wishing her fun on her new adventures.
Francisco Mallorca, representing the Goddard Catering Group thanked Debi for the three months of transition in which he got to learn what an amazing professional she was.
The party was beautifully catered by the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Culinary team, serving some of Debi’s favorite hours d’oeuvres, especially the extra colossal U10 shrimp, which used to appear on the first class airline catering menu, in yesteryears.
Pictured here, unforgettable party moments, as Debi is showered with love and appreciation, gifts and hugs, leaving Calloway Corporation after 33 tremendous years.