De Palm Tours Champions Environmental Cleaning

De Palm Tours, Aruba’s largest tour and bus company performed a much-needed public service on December 24th, when it asked its members of management, employees and their family members to volunteer their time for a clean-up of the island’s charming Boca Cura and the North-Eastern coast.

The wind-swept area which is toured daily by island visitors serves as the ocean’s deposit for floating marine debris, plastic, bottles, and driftwood brought in by the currents of the Caribbean seas, and dumped on the shore.

While driftwood, shells and coral washed in by the ocean are welcome, plastic and glass is not!

Thus De Palm Tours made a decision to stage a seasonal cleaning just before the end of the year.

All debris was diligently picked up by De Palm’s cadre of volunteers who scoured the small bays and beachfronts just behind the historical Alto Vista church.

When the clean-up concluded, a truck-load of trash was escorted to the dump while all volunteers received a free, day-pass to De Palm Island, in appreciation of their environmental stewardship.

Pictured here the cleaning action, in full swing.