Craig Wilson Lands a Straight Flush at the Casino & the Radisson

Palm Beach – Table games at the Casino at the Radisson enjoy great popularity and this weekend visitor Craig Wilson from the USA, was playing Caribbean Stud Poker when he got a 2-3-4-5-6 of clubs, a Straight Flush, earning him $ 5,500.00.

Wilson was amazingly generous and shared the wealth with his fellow players.

Caribbean Stud Poker was born in Aruba, as the game was conceived right here on the island, and includes classic poker elements which are paired with a progressive jackpot, similar to a slot machine carousel progressive jackpot, combining the best of both gaming worlds.

A big congratulation is due to Wilson, on behalf of The Casino!

This coming Sunday, the Casino at the Radisson informs that the BIG GAME will be shown in the resort ballroom, on 3 large screens with stereo sound. Admission is $20 and includes complimentary dry snacks. The ballroom will have beef burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, breaded shrimp, nachos & cheese, as well as Haagen Dazs ice cream bars for sale, and special prices on beer buckets.