Cory Soal, making a difference one hearing aid at a time

As a guest of the Radisson Aruba Resort & Casino, Cory Soal enjoyed soaking up the sun, as well as the sights and sounds around the resort tropical pool. He was especially fascinated by Rendolf “Renny” Richardson, the Beach and Pool Attendant, who seemed to be having a great time caring for sun-seekers by tirelessly delivering fresh towels and lounge chairs and in general making sure every guest was equally pampered from sunrise to sunset. As a Hearing Healthcare Practitioner it became immediately clear to Soal that Renny has never heard his own voice, being hearing impaired and that he could use a state-of the art hearing aid to facilitate his communications with the world.

When talking to General Manager Rob Smith, Soal brought up the subject of hearing aids and Smith immediately pledged a complimentary vacation stay against hearing aid expertise.

This week Soal is back at the resort and at work since Monday having delivered not just one but twenty six hearings aids. Renny was his first client, at the beginning of the week, having received and having been fitted with the latest model, at no charge.

Angelique Croes from the Human Resources Department got in touch with neighboring resort and before long thirteen hearing impaired individuals received Soal’s expert care; some were introduced to the world and the way it sounds for the very first time!

Soal reports the manufacturers he supports via his business in Georgetown were happy to donate the apparatuses, and while on vacation here with wife Jennifer and baby Iyla, also enjoying the company of a loving set of grandparents, Soal is able to make time for his passion, making a difference, one hearing aid at a time.

Pictured here Cory Soal at work in his room at the resort, supported by his family; also pictured a group picture of all recipients. Special molded ear pieces will be customized upon Soal’s return to the US the sent back to the island to make the hearing aids even more comfortable for their wearers. Renny will be the technician making the installations, having been taught how to, by Soal.

Incidentally,  in June of last year, Rendolf Richardson was nominated by resort executive Randell Boekhouder to the Colleague of the Month award, citing Renny is dedicated to making guests’ stays at the pool as enjoyable as possible, taking ownership of all areas of responsibility and providing guests with special services. Renny was awarded the coveted title for June, and presented with a special plaque by General Manager Rob Smith.