Colombian Emeralds International celebrates its clients and Aruba’s culture

The Colombian Emeralds International holiday party was a tribute to 2008 Anja di Cultura, year of culture, in Aruba. Every employee was dressed criollo style, and the music which serenaded browsers and shoppers was courtesy of Robert Maduro y su Alma Folklorico.
Favorite local snacks from pastechi to kroket, pleased all guests who came to the store early Sunday morning. In the afternoon Soppi’Carni, Cabrito Stoba and Pan Bati, nicely prepared by Chef Orlando Petronia, were a veritable hit.
Michael Vd Berg, of Pepia, graciously poured fine wines and champagne, carried by his company while Jeanette Keith and her staff entertained their clients and showed off the stores latest collection of holiday gem and jewelry gifts.