Cold Front for Aruba?!

The newspapers here published a strange weather forecast by MTA, a fictitional meteorological institute recently, reporting that an ‘Extra Cold Front’ was crawling our way from Antarctica and that the temperatures were expected to drop. They talked about snow in Aruba. How low will the temperatures go, worried my friends . . . should we tell island visitors, after all it is coolish in the US these days . . . it makes sense, if it is cold up North, and cold down South . . . will we indeed get chilly weather?! I swear, everywhere I went people were talking about the MTA spokesperson, a yoyo called Marcus announcing some Cold Front and were wondering how far the Mercury will drop . . .

It turned out a publicity stunt by Heineken Beer, who is importing new, colder sub zero fridges to Aruba serving beer at -4 degrees Celsius instead of lukewarm; frosty instead of tepid . . . the stunt was devised by Marketing Manager Federico Giuffra of Heineken, with ID design.

It reminded me of the April Fool’s Day prank a few years ago when a local newspaper reported that a Canadian company is proposing to build a ski jump on Jamanota – it’s a hill – whose angle of descent is perfect according to studies, for winter sports . . . they were importing snow machines, the works and presented a feasibility study. There was a real outpour of outraged emotions then and real confusion last week. Kudos, nice promotion.The good people of ID design say they were innundated with phone calls of concerned citizens, questioning the weather change and requesting more information.

Anyway, colder beer sounds excellent. Heineken finally cracked the secret of the EssoVille rum shop which has been serving the coldest beer on the island, take my word for it, for decades. I hear EssoVille declined the new cooler claiming they figured it out — how to serve cold beer without the new technology . . .

The party at Eyes nightclub, the great sub-zero reveal included snow-flake dancers, local beauties Nabila & Tuti among them, and the press was treated to free suds, courtesy of Federico and Tirzo, of Heineken Aruba.

Heineken is saying farewell to Patrick Melchior, its former general manager after 6 years, and welcoming Hans Mondria, whose been with the company for seven years, the last four as regional Product manager and before that the Commercial Manager. Both Patrick and Hans were absent from the party, but press members enjoyed themselves anyway.