Coastal Clean Up With De Palm Tours

De Palm CleanupDe Palm Tours in collaborations with its own Destination Management Services company conducted a coastal cleanup in preparations for the upcoming SITE, International Conference ’09.

As members of the Society of Incentive & Travel Executives are beginning to arrive here for their important business brainstorming and exchange, de Palm Tours’ associates hit the road scouring the portion of the well-traveled stretch of wilderness between the Natural Bridge, the Bushiribana gold-mine ruins and Warriruri Beach, in an effort to clean up the landscape and contribute to the untouched, pristine look of Aruba’s popular touring and visiting destinations.

“The traveling executive,” says Patrick Fortin, on behalf of De Palm Tours, “will surely explore the area, and we’d like them to experience a cleaner Aruba.”

This team effort shared by different companies, started with a walk from the Natural Bridge, to Bushiribana and further up to Warriruri, and yielded 80 garbage bags.

Most of the debris in the area in brought in by the sea, Fortin remarks, but still it must be cleaned up in order to make Aruba’s northern-coast ready for inspection. Many thanks are hereby sent to the associates who lent a hand to the successful cleanup.

Aruba will be hosting the Site International Conference from October 30th to November 2nd, with SITE members from around the globe coming here to conduct business, network and exchange information, the event is designed to showcase the Aruban tourism product to hundreds of delegates who are the top minds in incentive travel, a multi-billion dollar global industry.