Chef Sonny’s Herb Garden Thrives at La Cabana

In honor of Earth Day, Chef Sonny Partodikromo conducted tours of his small herb garden, opening the green pavilion for hotel guests and staff members.

Las Ramblas, reveals the Chef, the resort’s intimate seaside restaurant enjoys a continuous supply of fresh homegrown herbs including parsley, lemon grass, basil, bay leaves, cilantro, mint and rosemary. In addition to herbs the chef also grows peppers, green and red, habaneras, scotch bonnet, eggplants and two kinds of tomatoes.

At the helm of the culinary team, Chef Sonny Partodikromo concocted an authentic Spanish cuisine menu for Las Ramblas, with a Catalan / Mediterranean slant, in collaboration with Food & Beverage Manager Pierre Kock, and the garden provides the aromatic flair to that culinary journey, enjoyed by guests nightly.

Pictured here Chef Sonny showing off his green thumbs.

The resort also planted a number of trees in honor of Earth Day, a mango and a lemon, in the area of the resort’s chapel, where the herb garden is located.