Champions given best birthday party

Champions (9)Buckets of Knock Out Nachos and pails of Buffalo Wings were served on Champions 10th anniversary. The popular sports bar at the Marriott Ocean Club gave itself a memorable birthday party going back in time, rolling back a decade and affording the local florin great buying power, namely the ability to purchase anything off the restaurant’s menu for just one Calco Indjan – a 10 florin bill, from 6 to 9 p.m., on Friday.

Predictably, the lines of locals and tourists formed early and wrapped around the lobby!

Champions also unveiled new logo merchandise that evening, in addition to the world’s very first Papiamento menu, serving Nachos Dal Abou, Ban Slip Riba Grill Sliders, and Hala di Candela wings, which are just three of the restaurant’s best sellers, translated into juicy Papiamento.

On the occasions of its 10th anniversary, Champions recognized Gregory Milliard the Ultimate MMA Fighting Champion, in the Light Heavy Weight Category, the island’s Mixed Martial Arts legend whose portrait now hangs on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame.

Pictured here snapshots from the memorable, best birthday party!