Casablanca Casino Salutes Top Performers

The Casablanca Crew
The Casablanca Crew

Six outstanding floor members of the Casablanca Casino were recognized for their level of commitment and level of performance at a get together in the casino’s Rick’s Café. Their work ethics and dedication to customer service, in the first six months of 2008, was acknowledged by Managing Director Nigel Barrow and Marketing Director Myandra Croes, in the presence of the casino top management.

The Casablanca Casino recognized waiter Juancho Werleman; dealer Tonia Koolman; slot technician Norman Kock; dealer Gabriel Croes; security runner, Julius Hart and cashier Jarino Maduro, for loyalty, professionalism and the enthusiasm they bring.

Members of management Herbert Croes and Luis Krozendijk were lauded for their intense level of involvement with the smooth running of the operation and the integrity of gaming.

Pictured here Casablanca Casino’s top performers recognized by casino management, at Rick’s Café, Westin Aruba Resort.