Casa Tua Pizzeria, Now open at the Renaissance Marketplace

The cute new Pizzeria first opened during the recent World Cup games and offered patrons ample seating, large TV screens and two pizza ovens baking irresistible thin-crust pies to satisfy all hungry soccer fans.

The games are now history, yet the new Casa Tua Pizzeria at the Renaissance Marketplace continues to turn out its signature pies.

The secret is in the crust, which is barely there, just thick enough to carry a load of toppings, and just crunchy enough to satisfy not just taste buds but also ears!!

Casa Tua Pizzeria offers a contemporary pizza menu with popular toppings, as well as uncommon ones. The purist would be pleased to find Marghrita, Plain Ham & Plain Pepperoni, while kids will delight in the Hawaiian which accommodates ham, pepperoni and bacon besides pineapple.

Gourmet pizza lovers will delight in the San Daniel which combines prosciuto ham, feta cheese, arugula and diced tomato or the Milano sporting mozzarella, sweet onions, prosciuto ham and mascarpone.

Traditionalist will encounter Frutti De Mare, Tre Formaggi and the vegetarian Quattro Stagioni on the menu, at just the right individual pie-size to keep a pizza lover in pizza heaven.

The menu also features a number of famous appetizers from Casa Tua’s other well-established restaurants on Palm Beach and in Oranjestad, such as Zuppa del Pescatore and a tremendous Carpaccio in three variations, beef, veal and swordfish.

The menu is salad-rich, including traditional Caesar and not quite traditional Insalata di Polpo – Octopus has captured headlines lately – and the health conscious Sautéed Groper, on a bed of greens.

Casa Tua’s pasta menu is one of town’s most extensive. Patrons are invited to get creative and compose their own dish, mix and match the sauces – Del Curato, Alle Melanzane, Al Pesto, or Carbonara – with Linguine, Fettucine, Penne or Orrechiette.

Vegetarians will be satisfied with the Primavera or the Gnocchi con Gorgonzola, and lasagna fans will be torn between Lasagna Bolognese and Lasagna di Pollo.

The island’s best bartender Hans Oetelaar is in charge of the stylish bar and the Rose wine he pours is the island’s best, imported directly from France, la Cave de Gallician, Les Bagatelles, Costières de Nîme, refreshing, delicious and a perfect match for Pizza and Pasta. As a side note, Hans can also make a killer Mojito, or the world’s best Margarita whichever poison you prefer!