Casa Tua Mediterranee Debuts its food and dance

DSC_0778In preparation for the upcoming opening of Casa Tua Méditerranée, at the Palm Beach Plaza, owner Victor Nataf in collaboration with his food savvy sons, Gregory and Daveed, invited some friends and acquaintances for a spectacular food tasting. The restaurant’s professional kitchen crew worked tirelessly to present rich and varied mezethes, a selection of Greek, Spanish and Arab appetizers followed by a to-live-for gigantic Couscous.

Lucky guests invited to the fiesta sampled both the Greek and Arab versions of Baba Ghanoush, Tzaziki, Hummus, Tabouleh, Mussels Marinara, and mini skewers of marinated Lamb morsels, all escorted by freshly baked pita bread, then they feasted over tradition steamed-fluffy couscous heaped with stewed mutton, meat balls, vegetables such as cabbage, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, a creamy Okra stew, and extra harissa sauce on the side.

The free flowing red wine flamed party-goers’ passion for Oriental Dancing led by three beautiful veiled artists in fitted tops decorated with fringes, beads and coins, wearing equally fitted hip belts with more fringe, beads and coins over colorful harem pants. The team of belly dancers trained to entertain diners at Casa Tua Méditerranée bewitched guests into shimming all night, vibrating and swinging, as if they were all born in the Middle East!

Casa Tua Méditerranée will offer that fun party ambiance, says Nataf, for people who love to live, and love to eat!