Carina Molina, First Featured Artist, at Caribbean Queen

The Caribbean Queen store just recently opened at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall. As part of the store’s core values, a genuine local Caribbean Queen will be honored monthly. That Caribbean Queen, a local artisan who lives and creates here, will be invited to exhibit her art at the store.

For the month of December, the first-ever Caribbean Queen is Carina Molina with Upcycled Design, bags, belts and jewelry made from discarded rubber inner-tubes. Carina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has been living and working on Aruba since the Millennium. An enthusiastic innovator, her creative fires flared into an environmentally-conscious mindset when she conceived her new line, where she give a second lease on life to inner tubes of discarded cars’ tires, by recycling them into accessories.

The collection includes handbags, belts and jewelry with an understated black beginning, and a trendy wearable end-product, stacked with creative add-ons. With this shift, Carina wants to show that responsibility, fun and trendiness can come together

Carina acquired her first artistic skills at the age of 5 under the tutelage of her mother. Since that time, she has continuously explored her passion for art exploring a variety of mediums. She created jewelry designs with semi precious stones, sculptures in papier-mâché, colorful wooden mirrors and layered different mixed techniques on canvas, just to name a few. Happily married to Fernando, with whom she raises a gorgeous daughter, Carina is committed to the continued exploration of all aspects of her colorful personality which so far included being a Mom, a Wife, a Friend, an Artist-Designer, a Psychologist, a Sales Executive and an Entrepreneur. One thing is clear with Carina: she is blessed by numerous talents and she enjoys expressive herself through all of them.

Visit Caribbean Queen at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall and get acquainted with Carina’s work.