Caribbean Queen Supports Artistic Initiative and Creativity

When Caribbean Queen first opened at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall it announced two innovative programs designed to support artistic initiative and creativity.

The first program titled Caribbean Queen, features a different local artist each month, highlighting the talents of an island resident in a variety of disciplines. Carina Molina, Caribbean Queen for the Month of January presented Upcycled Designs, bags and clutches made of recycled inner tire tubes. Gabriela Gonzalez presented the Beauty of the Bead, in February, featuring jewelry made with Murano glass. Omaira Toro showcased Omaira’s Bohemian Style jewelry made with leather and glass, in March. Anchie Malmberg displayed her dazzling collection in April, and Caribbean Queen for May, photographer Annemiek Van Vliet, opened her show just before Mother’s Day, showing her striking nature photographs, in homage to Mother Nature.

The store’s second program, Tikkun Olam, the Repair of the World in the ancient language of the Kabala, collects funds for artistic initiative.

The Repair of the World, the drive to do good, is part of the Salamander Group core values , and it results in the company’s support of not-for-profit organizations with periodic donations. The company recently handed out seven generous checks to local organizations dedicated to our community’s social welfare.

Tikkun Olam at Caribbean Queen nurtures the arts, and our pictures feature Elvis Lopez of Atelier 89, an art school and gallery for adults, receiving a donation. Also the founders of the Pancake Gallery stopped by to pick up a donation check. Ayra & Ira Kip run a successful art program for kids in the summer months, now in its third year, giving intense workshops in several artistic disciplines. All courses are given by international teachers, and the program culminates in a final showcase at Cas Di Cultura, the local cultural center.

The Kabala way of living, mending, aiding and healing is practiced by the Salamander Group, with every sale, in every store.