Caribbean Queen Presents Visual Artist, Art Professor, Marketing Manager, Director of Aruba Art au Plateau Foundation, Desiree Rep-Sporkslede

Palm Beach – The Caribbean Queen store at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall is proud to introduce its Caribbean Queen for April, Visual Artist, Art Professor, Marketing Manager, Director of Aruba Art au Plateau Foundation, Desiree Rep-Sporkslede.

Inspired by Earth Day and the need to instill awareness and appreciation of the earth’s environment,  April’s Caribbean Queen speaks a “green language,” wishing to teach it to the rest of the world.

As a collector of all things unwanted and discarded, Desiree is using materials she ferreted away in her home, recycling them and creating new objects, now on display at Caribbean Queen, Palm Beach Plaza Mall.

Her ties to Suriname and the rest of the Caribbean are also sources of inspiration, as well as other relevant contemporary issues. The Caribbean, she says, is no longer isolated; we are citizens of the world and can no longer be regarded as primitive or exotic.

Her show at Caribbean Queen is all about communication, meeting and greeting people, and affecting them in a myriad of ways, for example, encouraging them to stop hoarding and allowing discarded things and thoughts to take up so much of their valuable space. She explains that recycling makes a difference in our environment, in the wise use of our natural resources, and in the economic well-being of our countries.

Desiree graduated from the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where she nurtured her artistic abilities in a fine arts program in 1989. Fascinated by the mystical landscape and curious about her own background, she moved to Aruba in 1990.  Painting in acrylics and various media and using fragments of environmental waste, Desiree creates symbolic art that traces her diverse cultural heritage. Besides paintings, she also makes installations that are bold using mixed media such as iron and organic materials, including local shrubs.


The multicultural aspect of the cities she has lived in, such as The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, is very present in her work. She also exchanges ideas and artistic pursuits with members of the local art community here, including some well-established artists in the fields of photography, literature, poetry, and prose. “It is always challenging,” she says, ”to express my personal emotions and the miracles in my life, the way it reveals itself in thoughts and feelings, always beyond my imagination.”

With dozens of exhibitions and art projects to her credit in Aruba, Curaçao and the Netherlands, Desiree Rep-Sporkslede takes the spotlight again as her collection is featured at Caribbean Queen for the whole month of April.