Caribbean Queen presents Annemiek van Vliet

A special exhibit within the Caribbean Queen store is now dedicated to artist/photographer Annemiek van Vliet. The recently opened store at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, has on display a complete collection of Annemiek’s photos. The pieces attract much attention as they all share an understated admiration for the Island of Aruba and its photogenic treasures.

Annemiek was just six months old when her parents moved from Holland to Aruba.  Settling in the area of Santa Cruz, Annemiek reports that it was a family tradition to go hiking in the countryside surrounding her home. During these hikes, Annemiek and her siblings would explore the rugged terrain filled with prickly vegetation, trickling creeks, and lots of scurrying critters.  It was in this way that they became intimately acquainted with—and learned to appreciate—Aruba’s natural world from a young age.

While she lived in Holland during her university years to obtain a master’s degree in American Studies, she was more than happy to return to Aruba.  She worked for the Aruban press for four years before switching to a career in law.  Annemiek has also worked as a certified translator for the past 15 years, and now has her own translation business.

Today, Annemiek resides deep in the Aruban countryside, her home located in the San Fuego neighborhood, tucked in among the thick growth down the road from the entrance to the Island’s expansive nature reserve, Arikok National Park.  Working from home, she is eternally busy with the act of translation, exploring the Island equipped with a camera to translate the story of Aruba’s beautiful outdoors.

Her interests lay primarily in documenting old architecture and nature.  In nature, Annemiek delights in focusing on the smaller details. Through her photography, she takes little, unsung treasures of nature and makes them the main attraction, resulting in extraordinarily images, worthy of the Caribbean Queen title for May.

Annemiek’s photographic work has been published in magazines and books and has appeared in a number of expositions, including her own solo exposition. Her work is displayed at the Sunset Grille Restaurant, as well as at the main office of Utilities Aruba N.V.