Caribbean Palm Village Resort Celebrates Carnival

Noord—The Caribbean Palm Village Resort  hosted an entertaining Queen Election and Coronation, when it elected its Carnival Queen from among four fun-loving candidates, all of whom are repeat-guests, Ann Yorks, from Maine, Gwen Migthon from Ontario, Canada, Sheryll Johnson, from South Carolina, and Liz Hauge from Minnesota.  Joyful Gertrude “Nina” Pitti, from New York, last year’s Carnival Queen joined the festivities, as a the lifelong honorary Queen of Queens.

The contest was presided by, no less than the Aruban Carnival Foundation president, Tekla Kelly, and two other local personalities in addition to Sharla Kelly, of ABC Tours.

Emceed by Farley Croes, the energetic activities coordinator, the crowd consisting of resort guests and the candidates had a great time!

The winner received a crown and a sash, a gift certificate to Scabeche restaurant, a flower arrangement and a bottle of champagne. Madeleine’s Beauty Salon contributed greatly to creative make-up, hair and costume requirements.

The Caribbean Palm Village Resort is concluding a yearlong 25th anniversary. The quarter of a century milestone of the charming vacation village inspired by South Beach Florida, and the art deco district is the cause for weekly celebrations under the guidance of general manager Astrid Muller.

Pictured here Queen Gwen crowed at the Caribbean Palm Village.