Caribbean Palm Village Resort Celebrates Anniversaries and Carnival

The Caribbean Palm Village Resort acknowledged four repeat-guest families for their loyalty to Aruba, and for celebrating their 25th anniversary at the resort. General Manager Astrid Muller, Treasurer Randy Croes and several board members here on vacation, including President Ed Hayes presented Mary Falvey, Alessandro & Jean Posillico, Donald & Barbara Lapinson and Bernard & Veta Fabian with a handsome plaque bearing the resort’s logo, as a token of appreciation for their continued support of the island, and its people.

The highlight of the afternoon was the Queen of Queens contest and coronation, as the Caribbean Palm Village Resort elected it Carnival Queen from among five fun-loving candidates, all of them repeat-guests, Lois Mc Connell, and Michele Smith, from Pennsylvania, and Rosa Bruno and Margaret “Peggy” Herman, from New Jersey. Joyful Gertrude “Nina” Pitti, from New York, conquered the Carnival-Queen title, impressing the judges with her eloquent speech, spectacular make-up, and genuine Carnival attitude.

The contest was presided by, no less than the Aruban Carnival Foundation president, Tekla Kelly, and two other local and famous Carnival personalities in addition to Svenja Croes, last year’s Carnival queen.

It also happened to be Farley Croes’ birthday, the energetic activities coordinator received a giant cake which he shared with the happy crowd in exchange for heartfelt congratulations.

The Caribbean Palm Village Resort is celebrating a yearlong 25th anniversary. The quarter of a century milestone of the charming vacation village inspired by South Beach Florida, and the art deco district is a cause for weekly celebration under the guidance of Director of Activities Mislady Fingal.

Pictured here, fun party moments.