Caribbean Palm Village Honors 25 Years of Loyalty to Aruba

A lively cocktail party at the Caribbean Palm Village Resort recently honored Marilyn Burns, Umberto & Ida Picucci, Christina Santucci and Frank Liccardo, celebrating their 25th anniversary at the Caribbean Palm Village Resort. Most of the honorees, from the NY area, bought their timeshare condos during the resort’s pre-opening period, buying into the dream of a vacation village, while the pool was still being dug out, at the on-paper resort. Yet in Aruba, dreams do come true, and the resort delivered on its initial promise to help create memorable family vacations, and has been doing just that for the past quarter of a century.

General Manager Astrid Muller posed for a picture opportunity with the loyal, valued, repeat guests. She was joined by the president of the board Ed Hayes, presently on vacation here, vice president Dan Maloof and board member Dr. Craig Zendzian, also spending multi-weeks in Aruba in the winter months, and treasurer Randy Croes, the board’s local representative.

The weekly cocktail party was a fun, interactive event with cocktails, delicious snacks catered by Scabeche restaurant, a limbo contest organized by Farley Croes the activity coordinator and other activities with Daisey Gomez customer relations and yield manager. A massage therapist from Madeleine’s Skin & Body Care salon offers stress-busting chair massages while the party was in full swing.

Caribbean Palm Village is celebrating its silver anniversary in 2012, and is raffling a free annual membership to interval international among its silver honorees, also presenting them with a handsome commemorative plaque, as seen in our pictures.