Buy your home now, at a reduced interest rate, and start paying in 6 months!

Aruba Bank will be part of Expo Cas this weekend

This year again, Aruba Bank’s Mortgage Advisors will be on site during the Expo Cas event at the Renaissance Convention Center. This weekend, you’ll be able to take advantage of Aruba Bank’s special offer for a home mortgage, known as the “Breaking News Deal,” with an interest rate of just 7.75%.

And as if that isn’t enough, Aruba Bank will also give you a coupon to participate in a raffle for an AWG. 5.000,00 gift certificate, which you may invest in electrical appliances for your new home.

The “Breaking News Deal” is the most flexible mortgage offer on the island of Aruba. You will receive a special interest rate and a period of 30 years to pay it off. Additionally, you don’t have to make any mortgage payments in the first six months, which gives you the financial opportunity to save, buy furniture, invest in landscaping and lots more!

Visit Aruba Bank during Expo Cas at booth # 92 and pick up all the information and guidance you need regarding the island’s best mortgage offer, at a reduced interest rate with the best payment options.

To buy, build, consolidate or refinance your home, Aruba Bank is your bank of choice!