Breezes comes alive with Arthur & Ingrid

Breezes, serving local and international cuisine just opened at the edge of Palm Beach, east of the Old Mill.

The restaurant checked into the space once occupied by Rio Steakhouse, and serves as a friendly neighbor to Santosa Health Club and Spinning Center.

The place is an oasis of tranquility, overlooking a green expanse of natural wilderness with the twinkling lights of the high-rise hotels in the distance.

Chef Rolly Clavo is king in the kitchen. He is a veteran of many fine Caribbean establishments including De Olde Molen restaurant in its fondly-remembered hay-days and the Suisse Chalet.

Rolly put together a delicious menu of favorites including Lobster & Apple Salad, Shrimp & Scallop Vol au Vent and Escargot Bourguignon among appetizers, as well as a hearty selection of soups, starring Dutch Pea Soup and a treasured recipe of Caldereta Caribena.

Light eaters will find generous portions of Classic Caesar and Tropical Island Chicken Salad available. The House Specialties list a colossal Lobster, Scallops & Shrimp Thermidor, Paella for Two, Osso Bucco and an award winning Roast Cornish Hen, Ala Arthur, the colorful and charismatic owner.

An extensive USDA steak list and a rich seafood section round up the culinary delights with Beef Stroganoff and Barbeque Bonanza listed on the meat section and Fresh Catch of the Day Creole, and Shrimp A La King on the Seafood roster.

Owners Arthur & Ingrid Solomon are proud of their new establishment which they worked putting together over the past year, with some help from talented and resourceful engineers and decorators, Rufino Jose Kelly and Oslin Wouter.

Arthur is a well-known personality on the island.

He helped shape Aruba’s international image by virtue of being a brilliant professional photographer.

Arthur started promoting Aruba in photos and on film in the 70s when he was hired by the island’s budding tourist industry to capture our beaches, our people and our wild life, for the purpose of consumer advertising.

His love affair with the island started when he personally escorted various Ministers of Tourism as they toured the US conducting breakfast seminars and educating travel agents about the wonders the island, as seen through the camera lens of the Jamaican-born shutterbug.

Arthur’s images appeared in magazines, travel documentaries, and commercials, and even in the travel brochures of Trans Caribbean Airlines, the first liner to service the region, before it was acquired by American Airlines.

As a professional he went on to perform the same service for Trinidad, Tobago, Mexico, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, but was always drawn back to Aruba.

Then he met Ingrid, a native Aruban, which naturally gave him an excellent reason to permanently settle here.

Over the years Arthur spent time in aviation, including a daring venture, Native Air Charters out of Florida and Genesis Air, offering commercial and private service to Aruba, Mexico, the Bahamas and Cayman Islands. Yet he always came here. From NY. From Miami. And every time he returned, he vowed to stay put, until the tug of the next adventure.

This time, he says, it’s for real. Ingrid is incredibly attached to her first grandson, Eden, and their dream of the local and international restaurant is a reality.

“I traveled the world,” Arthur says, including the Caribbean, South American, Europe and the USA, and the restaurant is a culmination of all my travel experiences.”

Check it out it is open for dinner every night, with ample parking, and at very reasonable prices.