Brazilian Traditions Unite at Amazonia & The All New Sushi Salsa

Palm Beach — The Island’s most unique dining experience can be found at Amazonia, where Sushi Salsa has recently debuted in an extended format. The sushi bar was just recently relocated within the restaurant to a larger space, and now features dining room, and bar seating, serving the Art of Sushi, with a menu filled with top grade fresh catch, prepared by an expertly trained master chef, in plain view of diners.
The energy and spirit of Sushi Salsa’s menu is also reflected in the spectacular décor with stainless steel display cases, acid washed natural stone walls, recessed LED lights, and painting and prints by famous local artist Eliza Lejuez, to the sound of the latest Brazilian music.
Amazonia, a Brazilian steakhouse, lends itself as the perfect partner for Sushi Salsa. The Brazilian union of both, now offers diners the opportunity to enjoy their beef AND their tuna served exactly to their liking.
The bar area, Sushi Salsa’s previous location, was outfitted with TV screens and additional seating and now serves as a Sports Bar & Lounge, completely transformed to accommodate World Cup soccer fans.
The menu at Sushi Salsa remains as rich and varied featuring appetizers such as Miso Soup and Shrimp Tempura, cold dishes such as Tuna Tataki and the Salsa Salad, a house specialty, with Octopus, shrimp, Spicy Crab & Scallops, Rolls and Hand Rolls with Tuna, Salmon, Crab, Yellowtail, Eel, Soft Shell Crabs, Octopus, Mackerel and Flying Fish Roe, as well as a number of signature rolls with Rainbow, Dragon, Amazonia, Capoeira, Guarana, Vegetarian Rolls and one with Tournedos Beef Tenderloin and chimichurri sauce, among them.
The culinary repertory of Sushi Salsa now includes more that fifteen types of tender Sushi or Sashimi, including combination platters and side dishes, listing a comprehensive list of favorites.
With equal parts of imagination and freshness, the Amazonia & Sushi Salsa experience is truly unique; you haven’t lived until you tried it. Visit any evening, seven day a week.