Brazil comes alive at Amazonia

Dinner is Fun at Amazonia ChurrascariaThe Brazilian dinner experience is alive and well at Amazonia Churrascaria. In fact, the Rodizio style of dining, which means alternating, or rotating in Portuguese, implies a wide range of meat specialties which are served, one after the other until diners are satisfied.

In typical Brazilian fashion, meats are served Churrasco style, the equivalent of western barbeque, a culinary tradition which traces its roots to the southern parts of Brazil, to the pampas, where the ranchers, the famed gauchos, cooked poultry, pork but mainly beef on skewers over an open fire pit.

This original and unique way of grilling meat preserves the natural flavors and juices, evoking an aroma so characteristic of the high plains and cattle grazing country.

Amazonia Churrascaria is an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse and it features a parade of Brazilian Gauchos holding 3 foot skewers stacked with a variety of rotisserie grilled meats carved tableside.

The restaurant is Aruba’s First Brazilian Steakhouse, since 2000.

It offers a mouth watering, sizzling, succulent experience from Glazed Pineapple, to Top Sirloin, Filet Mignon Wrapped in Bacon, Lamb Chops and more!

Too much sizzle too fast? Sit back, relax, and enjoy a Caipirinha, a signature Brazilian drink made of raw rum, sugar and lime, guaranteed to re-open your appetite in no time.

Make your way through a 40 item salad bar, sample the Brazilian cheese bread, and interesting sides, enjoy more than a dozen offerings from the grill, but leave room for dessert. Another must-try are the restaurant’s homemade Brazilian desserts. The crowd favorite is the batido, one you will never be able to re-create at home, which is designed to help digestion. Bom Apetite 

Pictured here some of the many groups who visited Amazonia Churrascaria, for a culinary trip to Brazil, just before and after the holidays, celebrating the special time of the year.