Brand Champions for February at the Westin

A number of exceptional associates were lauded at the Westin Aruba Resort as brand champions, for the month of February 201.

Among those nominated for the Front of the House, Waleska Curvelo, Julissa Geerman & George Michel from the Front Office, Rachelle Kock of Activities, Margarita Exposito, Beverages, Rose Etienne & Robert Tromp, from Food & Beverage, Jackie Samuel, of Service Express, and Rufino Ras, Errol Nicolaas & Domingo Geerman of Banquet Services. For the Heart of the House those nominated included Edgardo Hernandez & Julio de la Cruz of Banquet Services, Eugene Valentijn, Almeida Cantillo, June Lake, Julia Belen, Marie Carmen Nunez & Lidnery Vrolijk of the Housekeeping Department.

Among all those who excelled Rose Etienne was the winner for the Front of the House, while Edgardo Hernandez outshone all other for the Heart of the House, they were both named Brand Champions of the Month for their willingness to cooperate, the way they handle their guests and their colleagues, and how they go the extra mile during periods of high occupancy.

Service Legends of the Month, associates with long term careers were also recognized, among them Marina Vasquez, Housekeeping with fifteen years of service, Carmela Carlet, Front Office, with ten years of service, Nicomedes Caraballo, Kitchen, with twenty years of service, Mauvalyn Hutchinson, Bon Bini Café with five years of service and Lourdes Tromp, Purchasing, and Ricardo Toppenberg Engineering, both concluding thirty years of service at the resort.

Pictured here General Manager Richard Roy with his top performers.