Bols International is looking for new World Champions

Michael van den Berg, General Manager Pepia-Est N.V., Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao reports that Bols, the famous Dutch licquor-maker is running a very successful worldwide program, that might be of interest to all bartender in Aruba.

The company is calling professionals to go to their web site, and to upload an original drink recipe. That recipe will be judged by experts and the winners will be invited to the next stage of the worldwide contest with the Grand Finals in Amsterdam, on the 15th of May! Contestants may expect a spectacular audiovisual event where bartending competitions reaches a new level.

As of next week, Bols company trainers will start emailing all bartenders who have uploaded their recipes at, the reading materials, 8 pages of product info, Bols history and bartending-theory, which all bartenders must study for the second round of competition. The sooner bartenders register, the more time they have to study, the higher their chance to win!

Bartenders under the age of 23 with less than 1 year of professional experience may upload their recipe at and select the Young Talent option!

All Young Talent competitors will receive free online coaching from trainers. The Young Talent with the highest score of all countries will compete against the other 11 professional bartenders at the Grand Finals. The contest presents a great opportunity for all hospitality and culinary school students who are starting their bartender career, and the country which sends the most applicants will have a secure spot in the Finals in Amsterdam in 2013, for the next edition of Bols Around the World. At the moment,  the UK is on the lead , with US and Romania following closely, concludes Van den Berg.