BlueGreen Vacation Club names winners for the second quarter

Julian Chance, Director of Sales for BlueGreen Properties NV, at La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club personally emceed the company’s quarterly award ceremony congratulating his top achievers on their outstanding sales efforts for April, May & June, 2010.

Sales Executive Rubert Paesch landed a number of distinctions, rewarding his performance in the past quarter.

Rubert won front line and overall Sales Executive for April 2010, and front line Sales Executive for June 2010. By virtue of winning two months in the same quarter Rubert was named Sales Executive of the second quarter. Additionally, Rubert was presented by two BlueGreen corporate awards, for top sales performance, in Level 1 BlueGreen Resorts for 2009 and for tremendous front line sales in 2009.

Chance praised Rubert’s extraordinary triumph, plucking six major distinctions in just one afternoon.

Albert Groeneveldt earned Sales Executive for the Month of April in house, while Rudy Richardson won the same award for May in addition to the overall distinction, and a Corporate BlueGreen Distinction for in house sales.

In June he repeated his performance to secure Sales Executive for the Month of June 2010, in house, with Johan Arends attaining the overall award.

Among Sales Manager Solange Kuiperi picked a number of recognitions as Sales Manager for the Month of April 2010, front line and in house, repeating her performance in house in June to win the Sales Manager for the month award and the overall second quarter Sale Manager honor. She also received a special gift from BlueGreen Corporation, an engraved Waterman pen.

Antonio Arrindell won two distinctions as front line Sales Manger for the Month of May and June while John Samson received the honor, in house, in May, as well as a special gift from BlueGreen Corporation, an engraved Waterman pen.

In house coordinator Angella Beckford won April, with Jacqueline Marlin attaining the title in both May and June and the overall second quarter.

Island Expert for the month of April Angella Williams, repeated the feat for June as well, and also received the overall second quarter award.

Angeli Trimon was Support Manager for the second quarter and Evelyn Boye outshined all support staff members for the second quarter.

In his address Chance praised his team for its outstanding energy reiterating his deep sense of satisfaction over the group’s synergy.

He expressed the Vacation Club’s excitement over the ongoing renovations and announced the upcoming move of the reception area to the gym, while a brand new second floor reception area is being built in the lobby.

Chance congratulated the Homeowners Association of La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club and the Board of Directors for its foresight and vision, and reported great optimism regarding 2010 and the upcoming winter season.

The island’s Minister of Tourism also deserve credit, he stated, for refreshing the tourist product and exploring new markets via sport, fashion and movies, delivering a most proactive marketing strategy.

“Bluegreen,” he said, “is here to stay, and having just invested 25 million dollars, the resort is positioned to welcome the winter season strongly.”

Chance concluded the session thanking Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, the Gift Room & Sales for their steadfast collaboration.

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