BK Consult picks local store EQ3 Furniture + Accents

BK Consult, an architectural firm specializing in project realization and management including architectural design and engineering, is just completing the construction and furnishing of its new headquarters in Oranjestad.

True to the company’s core values BK Consult is showcasing its contemporary approach to business and functionality with its own office building, situated on Galileistraat 2, in the heart of Oranjestad, contributing to the town’s much-needed urban revival.

The man at the helm, Bert Kamsteeg, reports the new building is a perfect example of integrated architectural design and technology creating a sustainable building with the final goal of creating a co-efficiency of all components, thereby reducing the Carbon Footprint of the structure significantly, which is excellent news for the island’s environment, he explains, as well as good news for the developer: The building’s design will save in energy consumption, and create much less pollution when operational.

To complement the clever interior design, Kamsteeg approached Lynn Maduro of local furniture store EQ3 Furniture + Accents last year with his floor-plans, while the new building was just starting construction.

He had a vision of a modern office space, with a natural warm feeling to the décor, making the workplace inviting for workers and visitors, inspiring cozy as well as efficient and comfortable feelings.

That spirit of contemporary comfort was captured nicely in the Library, as depicted in our pictures, a space where architectural, engineering reference books, and magazines are kept. The space boasts a sitting area, among a profusion of plants. The green-house feel of the area promotes creativity, growth and introspection, befitting a place of learning such as the Library!

Kamsteeg’s vision is also reflected in the outdoor facade, where the old stone strikes a contrast with the new glass elements, working together to aesthetically juxtapose past and present.

EQ3 assisted in creating the office business decor, and together with Kamsteeg plans, were put in motion.

To achieve a green-house effect of the Library, a number of EQ3 elements were put together such as four Mollie Chairs in Wintergreen fabric, clustered around the Block glass top cocktail table. The room’s reading materials are organized in the Grid series storage units with three Monaco lamps, in silver, lending the warm illumination to the space.

The Conference Room features the ever so popular Twist Office Chairs, which are classic design pieces, two Monaco lamps in black, befitting the business atmosphere and a little lounge area in the back corner furnished with The Replay Loveseat in dramatic bordeaux fabric, two functional and comfortable Karbon Swivel Rocking Chairs, in grey fabric, the Boom Cocktail Table and the Boom Plasma Unit for the entertainment center.  The Cast Floor Lamp and the Orchid Shaggy Rug, tie all the pieces together, and the two Tipsy vases with fresh local flowers from Kamsteeg’s own garden, add the final homey touch.

Against Aruba ’s business background where things are often instantly shabby, built in a rush, slapped together without much thought the BK Consult building stands proud.

It is a testimony to the talents of its residents, adding a classy look to the street, as a tribute to Galilei, the old Italian Astronomer and Philosopher would have been proud!