Big Band Swing Design to present on the 11th of October at Renaissance Market Place

This year Aruba will be honored with a visit from the famous Big Band Swing Design, during a Caribbean celebration here on the island.

Swing Design has been on the island since the 5th of October, to delight all music fans. Their special presentation will take place during the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, which will include performances by major bands in this genre of music.

Swing Design will also perform at several hotels and locations, giving everyone on the island the chance to experience and become familiar with their repertoire.

One of the places where they will perform will be in front of the crowds at Renaissance Market Place.

Big Band Swing Design has been giving concerts for music lovers around the world for over 25 years, and their performances are enjoyed by many different types of crowds.

They don’t limit themselves to one style of music, but you can expect traditional American swing music, modern pop songs, Rock, R&B, Samba and expecially Jazz.

The more than 20 performers who make up Swing Design ensure a high grade of musical talent and professionalism, and they are great at interacting with the crowds, making their show a complete and total experience.

The band is directed by Bart Rademakers.

The band performs its own arrangements with its own style and show. And they perform in a professional way to entertain all types of crowds.

Mark the date on your calendar: the 11th of October, starting at 8.30 PM, when Swing Design will be performing live at Renaissance Marketplace. Enjoy dinner or simply a cocktail while listening to the smooth music of Swing Design.