Best Practices Reviewed with Aaron J. M. Antersijn, Safety & Security Consultant

DSC06979Aaron J. M. Antersijn, Safety & Security Consultant, reviewed best practices with members of management and Staff of Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant, at Casa Del Mar.

Antersijn, one of the most respected and most experienced safety and security experts on the island took his audience through a number of scenarios, outlining best practices and safest modes of conduct before, during and after a holdup or a robbery.

While Aruba is ranked by Forbes Traveler as one of the world’s safest destinations, a high level of preparedness contributes to crime prevention, Antersijn explains, and as he informed and enlightened his students he talked to them about new behaviors, sharing helpful safety tips on how to prepare and prevent potential crimes, minimize risks and institute preventive measures.

“Your personal safety,” he reiterates, “depends on the state of mind you are in, the amount and type of risks you take daily and the warning signals, you ignore. Be alert, anticipate and limit your risks and always take warning signs seriously and you will create a safe environment around you,” he concludes.

Pictured here, the guru in action, as he reviews best practices, at Casa Del Mar, the key to a safer Aruba, he shares, if educating our people.