Azia Restaurant and Lounge Has Just Launched a Fun Activity Designed to Delight And Entertain Sushi Lovers

Palm Beach — Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Azia Restaurant & Lounge will be offering sushi workshops combined with wine pairings.

Chef Gerald will provide professional instruction for the sushi class, and an in house sommelier, on staff at Azia Restaurant & Lounge, will lead the wine pairing.

Patrons are invited to form groups of up to six people, and sign up for a most enjoyable afternoon of exquisite sushi & delicious wine, from 1pm to 3pm.

Those signing up for the experience will learn the secrets of sushi preparation as the chef takes his students through all steps, demonstrating the correct rolling technique and the proper presentation of California Maki, Vegetable Temaki, Tuna Temaki and Salmon and Tuna Nigiri.

Azia Restaurant & Lounge will provide students with knives and rolling mats, Japanese rice, fresh fish and crab, nori sheets, and other ingredients such as avocado, cucumber, shredded carrots, and wakame salad. At graduation, students will be presented with a handsome certificate of course-completion.

Visitors and locals are invited to call Tel: 588 2599 and sign up at $59.50 per person, excluding service charge and taxes. You may also email:

Sushi & wine pairing, with four kinds of sushi and two kinds of wine make perfect birthday celebrations, and are especially effective in bringing people together for a fun time. These are wonderful opportunities for fans of Japanese cuisine, and for those who like conquering new challenges.

The elegant AZIA restaurant & Lounge, on Palm Beach, offers Asian fusion cuisine in a trendy setting and ambiance.

Gather your friends and enjoy hand-rolled sushi and wine pairing at the gorgeous marble community table, while observing the restaurant’s regular activity, in the gleaming exhibition kitchen.