Awards at the Radisson

At the end of a busy summer season, the resort hosted an informal appreciation luncheon with its stellar performers in attendance.

Those nominated for outstanding achievements in June and July included Thelma Franken, Norma Lacle and Eugemar Gaari, of the Food & Beverage department, and Mariana Nunes, of the Front Desk.  The nominees were publicly praised for their conduct and attitude and the many contributions they make to the resort’s smooth and successful operation.

The winner for June, Rendolf Richardson nominated by Randell Boekhouder, is a Pool and Beach Attendant who is dedicated to making guests stays at the pool as enjoyable as possible, taking ownership of all areas of responsibility and providing guests with special services.

For July, Audrey Sinclair and Beverly Maduro, from the Food & Beverage department were nominated along with Devulo Escalona, of the Pool & Beach department and Christine Adams, Sales Coordinator in the Miami sales office. The nomination comments read out loud, commended the select group for going the extra mile in July. Winner Eugenille Perez of the department of Human Resources received heartfelt praise for the enthusiasm and high level of energy which she bring to work each day and for her administrative talents.

After delicious lunch catered by the resort’s culinary team, Albert de la Cruz was announced Supervisor of the Quarter, thanks to the active role he plays, in his position at Larimar Spa.  Other supervisors included from the Front Desk Grace Brion, and from the Food & Beverage department Marcel Angela.

General Manager Rob Smith lauded the associates for their communication skills and their professional expertise and most of all their dedication to excellence, ever-present in guests’ comments and feedback.