Author Christopher White, signs books at CILO

William Steely MD, the author of the recently published book, 2012 The One, It Was The End Of Times, signed books at CILO, Renaissance Marketplace, on Friday, and was well received by the many midday lunch-goers.

The author was also enthusiastically welcomed at Trattoria El Faro Blanco where Arthur and Betty orchestrated a small wine & cheese reception in his honor.

While on the island Steely was also interviewed by radio personality Stanley Arends and TV  trainer Belkis Moreau.

Steely who penned the book under the name Christopher White, reports it is his first science fiction/thriller, and it takes place in part in Aruba.

The book borrows the Mayan prophesies of the End of Times in the year 2012 and combines it with a new reality in which in the wake of the destruction the possibility of eternal youth, regeneration and rejuvenation unfolds, with the protagonists building their headquarters just below the California lighthouse, in Aruba.

Dr. Steely based his writings on his many fields of interest, medicine, futurism, genetics, history and archeology, and peppered the book with familiar locations such as the Crystal Casino, the Sunset Grille, the Flying Fishbone and Madame Jeanette, which weave into the fantastic narrative, as a colorful and exotic backdrop.

The Steelys have visited Aruba many times in the past and view the island as paradise, which is by the way the book sequel’s name, Eden Redux, meaning Eden revisited.

The Steelys both hail from Nashville, Tennessee, and since they are obviously interested in music, the book is also sprinkled with musical reference. William, an MD by profession and Barbra, a nurse in real life, have a strong interest in music and play in their own band.

To find out more about the book, visit; It is available for sale via and Barnes & Noble.  The Steelys are staying on vacation at the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa where Steely also signed books during the Manager’s Cocktail party on Tuesday.